New strategic plan launched

11 July 2012

Our new strategic plan, ‘Mā mātou, mā tātou – changing young lives’ gives us a set of priorities that will strengthen the quality of practice our people strive for, and the children and young people we work with need and deserve from us. 

The title of our strategic plan is significant.  Mātou means ‘we’ in the sense of ‘they and I’, and tātou means ‘we’ in the sense of ‘you and I’.  It’s inclusive in the way it expresses our work with children, their families, and the people in the community who are wrapped around them. We, and all of us together – are changing young lives.  

We’re taking a longer term view via a three year strategic plan, which focuses on the areas that get to the heart of our work with children, young people and their families.

Mā mātou, mā tātou has five strategic priorities:

  • Quality social work practice
  • Working together with Māori
  • Voices of children and young people
  • Connecting communities
  • Leadership