Working together workshops

01 June 2012

A new round of 'Working together' child protection workshops is underway, with 67 workshops being held around the country in coming months.

The free workshops are a partnership between Child, Youth and Family and Child Matters (formerly known as CPS), a well recognised child protection training organisation. 

The workshops are hosted by a Child, Youth and Family site manager, bringing together local teachers, health professionals and social service providers to learn about what to look out for, and ways to help the children and families they are worried about.

The workshops offer a fantastic opportunity to build and strengthen local child protection networks.  The education sector is a key focus for the workshops, as teachers and childcare workers are often the first to notice when something might be wrong.

The one day workshop normally runs from 9.30am to 2.30pm and please find schedule below. To find out more, please contact Kaleti Moala-Mafi on 04 918 9171 or email