Adopting a child

Adopting a child means having a relationship with them as if they were your birth child.  Once you have adopted a child, you will have all of the joys - and responsibilities - of being a parent. The most important thing about the adoption process is keeping what's best for children at the centre of any decision.  We focus on finding the right family for the child, and encourage ongoing connection with their birth family and their culture.

Adoptions within New Zealand

The adoptions process if you are adopting a child within New Zealand.

Adopting a step or surrogate child

The adoptions process if you are adopting a step or surrogate child.

Adopting a child from overseas

An overview of the process for adopting a child from overseas.

More detailed information about adoption and intercountry adoption is available on our practice centre website.  This site holds all our social work practice information, including the policies and resources that guide our work.