Information for caregivers

Caregivers are the heart and home of Child, Youth and Family. This section has information for people thinking about becoming caregivers, and existing caregivers.

A caregiver is a trusted adult, role model, friend and teacher. Caregivers help heal hurt children, give them safe boundaries, and help them build trust in others and help change their lives. They join a team of people committed to doing their best for a child. Being a caregiver

There are many ways you can make a difference to our children's lives. You might be able to look after a child for a night or a weekend so other carers can have a break, or you might want to welcome a child into your home for a longer time. Different kinds of care

Our caregivers provide love, patience and acceptance to children at risk. If you think you can do this, we would love to hear from you. Applying to be a caregiver

We want to do our best for you so that you can do your best for the child or young person in your care. Your social worker will support you, and you'll also work closely with your child's social worker and other professionals.  How we'll support you

Many young people in our care have had tough lives which can affect them in all sorts of ways. Caregivers need to have a stable home life and be patient and resilient. Our carers say that seeing children work through difficulties to grow and thrive, is their greatest reward. Challenges and helpful tips

In partnership with FosteringKids, we offer a range of free practical training workshops, online modules and resources for caregivers. This provides simple, down-to-earth help on all aspects of caregiving. National caregiving training programme

We have annual awards which celebrate the achievements of outstanding young people in care and our extraordinary caregivers. Awards for caregivers and young people in care