Why your care matters

Caregivers are the heart and home of Child, Youth and Family. They are ordinary people who do an extraordinary job in providing love, care and support to the children who need it most.

Sometimes when families have problems, children may be unsafe or not well cared for at home. Caregivers, also known as foster carers, open up their homes to the children and young people who can't live with their own family or whānau.

The one thing all our caregivers have in common is that they are passionate about making a difference to children who need to be safe and well cared for.

We all believe that all children belong in families who will nurture them. Together we can help our children be:

  • safe from harm and well cared for
  • strong as part of a loving family and whānau
  • thrive by helping our children be the best they can be.

"I see caregivers perform a thousand miracles for kids every single day." Clinical Psychologist, Nigel Latta.

'Your care matters' dvd

Nigel Latta, experts, caregivers and young people give you an in-depth look at the joys and challenges of foster care, with lots of practical tips.

The ways you can care - profiles the different sorts of care, what makes a great caregiver, and how you can change young lives.

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What you really need to know - provides answers to all the hard questions. This is a great resource for anyone involved in fostering. The topics covered include:

An evening with Nigel Latta – The dvd also includes Nigel’s live show, which takes a light hearted, but informative look at caregiving.

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