Information for parents

Our children are our treasure. At Child, Youth and Family we want to work with you to help protect, support and care for your children. No one can do the big job of being a parent on their own, but together we can help our children be safe, strong and thrive.

Taking care of your baby is a great job. It's also a big job. Here you'll find useful information on keeping your baby safe, including coping with crying and getting help. Read more about keeping babies safe

All kids need the basics of life - like food, warmth, shelter and clothing. But they also need to feel loved and secure. By giving our children all the things they need, we can help them grown up healthy and happy. Find out more about the 10 things all kids need

Raising kids is a great job, but it’s also a big job. Everyone has a role to play in keeping our kids safe, and no one needs to do the big job of being a parent on their own. Find out how you can ask for help or talk to us if you're worried about your children's safety

If you've had a visit from Child, Youth and Family, you may want to find out more about why we visited, who we are, what happens next, and who you can talk to if you have questions. Read more about what happens when we visit

We believe all children belong in families that will love and nurture them. The only time that a child is better living away from home is when they are not safe, or their behaviour is harming themselves or others. If your child is in our care, we know it may be a worrying time for you. Find out about how we want to work with you if your child is in Child, Youth and Family care

We can all have a role in looking out for our most at risk young people. Find out where to go for help if you're concerned for your teenager