Information for professionals

This section has Child, Youth and Family updates and information for people and organisations who work with vulnerable children or young people.

Working with our partners: We work with partner agencies, NGOs, Māori, iwi and community agencies and groups -  much of the work we do relies on our relationships with others. By working together, we can achieve so much more to build strong families and keep our children and young people safe and well cared for.  Find out more about our joint work with sector partners

Family Group Conferences: Professionals can play a big part in keeping vulnerable children and young people safe and strong. That’s why the Children’s Action Plan and the Youth Crime Action Plan reinforce the importance of professionals taking part in the family group conference process. Find out more about why we need you to take part, what to expect, and your role

Specialist child interviews: Specialist child interviews are conducted as part of an investigation when a child or young person has, or may have, been sexually or physically abused or seriously neglected, to obtain the most complete, accurate and reliable information about the alleged abuse or incident. Interviews are held and recorded at an Evidential Video Suite and may be used as evidence in court. - Watch a video tour of an evidential video suite outlining who will be there and what will happen  

Vulnerable Children legislation changes: On 1 July 2014 the Vulnerable Children Act and other associated legislation passed into law. The Act forms a significant part of comprehensive measures to protect and improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children and strengthen our child protection system.
Read about Child, Youth and Family changes now in effect in relation to the legislation

Social worker profiles: Some of our Child, Youth and Family social workers have shared their stories - Read social worker profiles