Ways we work with families

Here you will find the ways Child Youth and Family work with families. 

Finding solutions

All children belong in families that will love and nurture them. At Child, Youth and Family we work with families to help them find their own solutions so they can

  • deal with any problems
  • make the changes they need to keep their children safe
  • achieve their goals for their child’s future.

Our social workers

If a family is working with Child, Youth and Family, the person they will talk to the most is their social worker.  Our social workers are trained to help families grow stronger and find solutions to any problems, so that children can be safe, strong and thrive as part of a loving family or whānau.

Ways we work with families

When someone contacts us with worries about a family or child, there are a few different ways we might respond.

  • The first thing we would think about is putting the family in touch with the community agency that is best suited to help them.  The agency will let us know when they and the family are confident that things are back on track.  We call this a ‘partnered response’.
  • Sometimes, to help us understand the needs of the children and family, a social worker will work alongside the family for a short period of time.  When we understand their needs, the social worker will help get together the wider whānau and community support, so the family can get back on track. We call this a ‘child and family assessment’.
  • In a small number of cases, when the worries are serious and the children are at risk of harm, the social worker will work together with the family, police and other agencies to make sure the children are safe.  We call this an ‘investigation’.

Most of the time these three different ways of working will help the family get back on track and keep the children safe.  However, if the problems persist, or we are still worried that the children might not be safe, there are some other ways that we might work with the family.