Role of Victims

If you are a victim of youth crime, we want you to feel safe, supported and have your say.

Your role

It's natural to be feeling angry, hurt, upset and have a sense of loss. We invite you to attend a family group conference so that you can have a chance to talk about how the crime affected you.

You are one of the people who can have the biggest impact in helping the young person turn their life around. It can also be healing for you to express how the crime has affected you.

We want to help you to:
Be Safe by fully informing you of the process and addressing your concerns
Feel Supported by involving you and listening to you
Have your say about how the crime affected you and how the young person can put things right.

Having your say

The family group conference is your chance to have your say. This is where we bring the young person, their family and others together to talk about the offending and what can be done to put things right.

If you choose to be part of the conference, we will do everything we can to make sure you are treated with respect, that you are safe and feel supported.

You will be able to talk about how the crime affected you, physically, emotionally and financially.

You will also be able to have your say about how you think the young person can make things right with you.

You have the right to:

  • be given information about the FGC
  • have a say about the day, time and place of the conference
  • be supported to attend the conference
  • confront the young person safely. You can ask to be seated next to the police or youth justice coordinator
  • give your views and present your expectations
  • help make decisions about the plan for the young person
  • be kept informed about the young person's progress.

Why should you attend?

Your involvement can give you some answers and help make a difference.

You can play an important part in helping the young person face up to their crime. The great thing is that as a result of a conference most young people won't go on to offend again, and many of them will want to put things right.

You will have an opportunity to help develop a plan for the young person, and have a say in what you would like to see happen.

Who will be able to support me?

Facing the young person takes courage. It is OK if you feel emotional, that's natural.

The youth justice coordinator will organise the meeting and be your main point of contact. You can talk to them about any worries or questions you have.

You can invite support people to come with you and be there for you.

Victim Support can help with information, attend the conference with you or go on your behalf.
0800 VICTIM (0800 842846) or www.

If I don't attend the FGC can I still have a say?

If you don't want to attend the FGC we would still like to hear your views. The youth justice coordinator can talk to you about other options like:

  • getting someone else to attend and speak for you
  • the youth justice coordinator presenting your views to the FGC
  • writing a letter
  • teleconferencing.

Helping us get it right

We are committed to providing excellent service for those involved in the family group conference.  By completing the relevant form below, you can help us identify what is working well and what areas can be improved, to ensure the family group conference process is a satisfying and positive experience for victims.