More social workers to focus on children

13 October 2011

The Prime Minister and Minister Hon. Paula Bennett today announced changes to an increase in numbers of social workers both in primary schools and on the Child, Youth and Family frontline.

This is in response to a strong demand from schools for specialist support for children, and an increase in workload for our frontline social work staff, as more people respond to concerns they have for children and young people in their community.

There will be an additional 149 full-time social workers to support children in low decile primary schools. This will be done by extending the Social Workers in Schools (SWiS) programme to all decile 1-3 schools and increases the number of those with SWiS from 285 to 673. 

There will be funding for an extra 80 frontline Child, Youth and Family care and protection social workers and 16 supervisors, a 10 percent increase in our total capacity.  This investment in additional frontline social workers means that they can spend more time working with children in care with high and complex needs, work more intensively with families to help them address their problems, and provide more support to foster carers.