National Caregiver Training Programme

The National Caregiver Training Programme is a partnership between Child, Youth and Family and Fostering Kids.  We work together to make sure foster children and young people are given the best of care by providing learning and development opportunities for caregivers.

Learning Modules

The first three modules are considered foundational learning and it is recommended that all caregivers have the opportunity to access this learning.

Child Development This module identifies a range of child development milestones and how you can provide the child(ren) in your care opportunities for further development.
Attachment and Resilience This module will help you to build healthy attachments and contribute to building resilience.
Understanding and Managing Behaviour This module you will learn how to manage the behaviour of the child(ren) in your care more effectively.
Maltreatment and Family Violence This module will help you to identify child abuse and neglect and respond appropriately.
Health and Wellbeing

This module offers you great tips on how to provide a healthy environment.

Safety and Prevention This module will help you to understand how to keep you the carer, the child(ren) in your care and their biological family safe.
Identity and Belonging This module will help you to support the child(ren) to maintain family and cultural connections.
Legal Issues This module will help you to understand the impact of the law on your care situation.
Teamwork This module will help you further your skills to foster and develop teamwork and effective communication important for the child(ren) in your care.
Carer Families This module will help you to understand how to strengthen yourself and your family in your foster care role.
Working with Adolescents This module will help you to understand and appropriately respond to a young person with behavioural issues.

Te Rito (This module is undergoing maintenance and will be back up shortly)

This online course is for caregivers who wish to understand more about the principles of Māori culture and tradition.  For access to this learnng, please contact learning and capability development at Child, Youth and Family for a user name and password.

 Online learning

This link takes you to a range of online learning modules, inluding:

  • Family Group Conferences
  • Securing Permanency
  • Leaving Care


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