Information for teenagers

Teenagers and young people are a big part of life at Child, Youth and Family. We work with thousands of teenagers and young people just like you every year. We care about making sure you are safe and strong, with a great future ahead of you.

You have rights, and we'll make sure you get to have a say. Find out more about your rights as a young person

We believe all young people belong in families that will love and take care of them. If you are in our care we know this can be a stressful time, but keep talking to us. Find out more about being in care

There are hundreds of teenagers in care who achieve great things and become awesome young adults. Read real life stories about our amazing teens

If something is happening to you that you don't want to happen, like an adult hurting you, or being bullied at school, it is hard to know what to do. It's good to ask for help and you can talk to us. Find out about keeping yourself safe and who to talk to

After you've left care you can still come back to us for advice and assistance. Find out more about the support you can get after you've left care

There are some great websites that provide information, support and services to help teens stay safe. Check out these sites