keeping kids safe

We all have a role to play in keeping New Zealand children and young people safe and strong. We work in many ways with families to help them find their own solutions and achieve their goals, or connect them with the right services for them in the community. If you're worried about a child or family that you know, there are ways you can help too…

If you are worried about a mum, dad, a child or family that you know, ask yourself what you can do to help, get in touch with a community agency or contact us.
Find out more about reporting a concern to Child, Youth and Family

We work with families in lots of different ways. Sometimes they just need to be connected to support in the community, and other times we'll come alongside them so they can get themselves back on track.
Find out more about how we work with families

If a family is having some difficulties in caring for their child, they might need help to get back on the right path. We will bring them together with their extended family or whanau to talk about any problems, and come up with solutions through a Family/Whānau Agreement. Find out more about Family/Whānau Agreements

The Family Group Conference (FGC) is at the heart of the way we work. This is where the whole whānau can help make decisions about the best way to support the family and take care of their child. New Zealand was the first country in the world to come up with the FGC and it has been so successful that many other countries have followed our lead. Find out more about the FGC

Sometimes children need to live away from home for a while. This is mainly when they are not safe at home. Our top priority is doing what is best for the child, to protect them and care for them. Find out more about what we will do for a child that is in our care

Families who are working with us may sometimes also need the help of the Family Court. Find out more about what involvement the Family Court may have when families are working with us. Find out more about the Family Court

A care and protection residence is a safe and secure place where children and young people will go if they are in our care and can't live in the community for a while. Find out more about how we take care of children staying in a care and protection residence