working with others

We work with many other groups and agencies, and much of the work we do relies on our relationships with others. By working together, we can achieve so much more to build strong families and keep our children and young people safe and well cared for. 

We've teamed up with Child Matters to deliver child protection workshops around the country to teachers, health professionals, social service providers, or anyone working with families. The workshops support our 'Working together to keep children and young people safe' guide for professionals. Child protection workshops and the 'Working together to keep children and young people safe' guide

Schools and Early Childhood Education providers are key partners in the protection of children and the early identification of abuse and neglect.
Our joint work with schools and other education providers

We work closely with the Ministry of Health and District Health Boards at local, regional and national levels Our joint work with Health, including Hospital Liaison Social Workers and Gateway Assessments

The needs of some children and young people are so complicated that they cannot be met by just one health, education or social service agency.
Find out more about the high and complex needs interagency strategy

There are lots of people in the community who can give our kids opportunities, good experiences and be great role models.
How we team up with groups and agencies and how you can help