youth justice

Youth justice is for children and young people who have broken the law. It gives them a real opportunity to change their life for the better without getting a criminal record.  We work with young people to help them face up to their mistakes, make good the harm to victims, be accountable for the actions and move on to a positive future.

The family group conference is at the heart of our youth justice work, and gives young people who have offended the opportunity to face up to it, put things right, move on and be strong. Find out what happens at a family group conference

We want victims of youth crime to feel safe, supported and have their say. We encourage victims to attend the family group conference. It helps both the victim come to terms with how the crime affected them, and helps the young person to face up to what they've done. Find out more about the role of victims

Our youth justice residences provide a secure place where young people who have offended can be supported to get their life on track. Find out more about our four youth justice residences

We work with children who offend in a way that acknowledges their age, looks at any family issues that may be affecting their safety, and puts the child on track towards a positive future.
Find out how we work with Child offenders

Read more about how the Youth Crime Action Plan (YCAP) and the strong foundation set by the 2010 Fresh Start reforms and initiatives. YCAP takes a practical approach to support youth justice services, frontline workers, service providers and volunteers.  Find out more about YCAP and the Fresh Start initiatives.